July 31, 2012

Mediocrity At Its Best

Another year, another trading deadline gone by.  Everyone seems worked up about the Mets once again not making any moves but there's really a quite simple explanation for it.  See, the Mets are neither good enough to be buyers nor bad enough to be sellers.  They are a mediocre team, the scales not tipping in either direction, so they do the mediocre thing -- nothing.

The Phillies and Marlins, for example, right off the bat (no pun intended) fell behind in the NL East race and quickly became sellers.  Miami had their much-anticipated fire sale sooner than anyone would have imagined and Philly, well they finally came out of denial and accepted that their little run as kings of the NL East was finally over.

Teams like the Dodgers and Giants became buyers because whether or not they started out the season in contention, they are in contention now.  The Mets came out of the gates swinging (again, no pun intended) and now that they have fallen back into their mediocre ways, they have no choice but to sit idly by.  Had they been in contention now, they might be buyers.  Had they started out as poorly as the Phillies or Marlins, they might be sellers now.

It's the same thing every season -- there's always next year.  It's never five years from now.  They'd never make those big changes, build from scratch and patiently wait for it to come together no matter how long it takes, despite seeing a lot of our youth this year.  They hold on to what they have believing that if they could accomplish what they did this year, imagine what they could accomplish next year.  But that's the thing with mediocrity -- it can go either way and next year may be worse.  They make bad deals and players get hurt and the dream falls apart. 

Maybe the Mets are not a great baseball team.  But they are great at being mediocre.

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