July 23, 2012

Too Annoyed To Even Think Of A Title

I hate Bryce Harper. He needs to calm the fuck down, bro. It's not necessarily that he's good, but more like the Mets pitchers sucked last night. Specifically, Beato.

Speaking of Beato, fuck him. He had something to say about the wild pitch in Washington. Well, who's to blame for the shitshow we saw last night? Asshole.

I don't know if Bernadina's slide was "clean" or not, but it was a douche move. On the one hand, that's how baseball was played for 150 years. On the other hand, that's typically not how it's played today. What I do know is that Ron Darling was 100% correct when he said that we (Torres) need to take their shortstop out on that double play ball in the bottom of the ninth. No ifs, ands or buts.

We all know the bullpen is awful right now. But reality is, the offense could have (and should have) won the game last night and Sunday, both in 9 innings. Niese and Young both kept the team in it. The team is just not hitting either.

I can't take another loss. One win since returning from the All Star break is flat out awful. Doesn't matter if we buy, sell or do nothing. We're not going anywhere now or later.

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  1. Damn. All wheels suddenly came off. Right after the Cubs series.