July 9, 2012

Why The MLB All Star Game Is A Big Crock

This year, more than any other year, I have very little desire to watch the Mid Summer Classic. The whole idea of it simply annoys me. I can't even say I'm excited that next year it will be held at my very own home team's ballpark. That's pretty sad.

First off, the voting is left to the fans, who make it a popularity contest rather than just choosing the best player for the position. Mistake #1. When you leave important decisions in the hands of common idiots, you get idiotic results. Who wants to watch a game of baseball's best when it's not baseball's best?

It means something, my ass. I don't think any player is trying to win it for the home field advantage, much less a player whose team is already out of it in July. Mistake #2. If you ask me, except for the first-timers, these guys would rather be on a boat with their families and friends for the four days. Yes, four. See next paragraph.

Is an extra day off really necessary? Mistake #3. Why couldn't MLB just have every first series after the break be a four-game series? Not like they don't happen during the year anyway.

This year, we have a NL manager who isn't even actively managing in the majors - Mistake #4 - screwing over the guy who deserves to be the starting pitcher after choosing that guy's manager as one of his coaches. His reason, aka excuse? His All Star catcher -- you know, the one who is supposed to be the BEST at what he does -- can't catch a knuckleballer.

MLB is lucky my team is in contention right now otherwise I probably would have no use for it this year.

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  1. Your mistake #1: All Star selections are not important decisions. I agree with your "Mistake #2" let home field in the World Series just rotate between the NL and AL. I don't understand your Mistake #3. Do you want the second half on Wednesday? I don't think there are Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat series in baseball. Or are you talking about the select few teams that are off on Thursday. There are always teams that have days off on Thursday. That's baseball. I probably agree with you that not having R.A. Dicky start for the National League is a mistake. I know you're not going to agree with my next comment: expand fan voting to starting pitchers. The top 9 each pitch an inning In order. No. 1 pitches the first; No. 2 pitches the second and so on. Relief pitchers who make the all star team will serve as bench warmers and bat boys during the game. How's that sound.